Wednesday Nights

As I was bored last Wednesday and looking for something to do, I thought about going to a high school basketball game. When looking at the schedule, I realized that there are never any Wednesday night games! What the hell is that all about?! I dug deeper into this issue and realized that there can be no basketball games on Wednesday nights because of Wednesday Night Church service! 


So we can allow this but not allow the Bible in school?? So much for total separation of church and state! This American government needs to get their heads outta their rumps and allow Bibles in school! 



One thought on “Wednesday Nights

  1. This is what I looked forward to during volleyball season! Wednesday was the one day that dreaded practice got done early and I always kept my eye on the clock! Also I was one of the Christians who attended religion on Wednesday nights. For this reason, I think it is important to keep this night open. Also God gave us our athletic talents, so one day out of the week to thank him for these talents instead of participating in a game doesn’t hurt.

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